Impact Weekend | February 2-4, 2024 | Atlanta, GA
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The premier event for women of faith in business who are ready to master their message, build their brand, and grow to six figures & beyond.
February 2-4, 2024   |   Atlanta, GA   
This is for you if you love God, love money, and love twerking. 👀 
See what our past attendees had to say!
Stop second-guessing your gifts.
You’ve been playing small without the right information and support, but Impact Weekend can change that. Now you have the coaches and community necessary to go to the next level.
You will leave this event with:
  • Increased confidence in communicating & articulating your value (without feeling like you’re being salesy or justifying your pricing)
  • Clarity on your ideal audience and their desires
  • The proven strategy to attract higher quality clients who are ready to inves
  • An eleveated marketing message
  • Outlined packages with confidence in your new prices
  • A step-by-step launch strategy to make six figures
  • The wisdom to Run your business full-time and learn the path to earn six-figures and beyond working with clients and customers you love.
Is Impact Weekend right for you?
Answer these 5 questions.
1. Do you want to be one of the best coaches, consultants, or high-end service providers in your industry?

2. Do you want to charge more money confidently?

3. Do you want to attract clients who are serious about your offer?

4. Do you want to make a bigger impact with your calling?

5. Are you seeking the right guidance to help you get to the next level?
Did you answer "YES" to all 5 questions?
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